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"Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 
- Albert Einstein


Need a little help making a PDF look more appealing? Maybe you have information you want to present to your customers but are not quite sure how to give it the glow-up it needs? There are so many creative ways to provide information. Let’s chat and make something eye-catching!


Never doubt the impact that well-designed presentation slides have on capturing your audience‘s attention. Let me help you make the best impression, whatever your pitch.

Marketing Material

Social media marketing is often the last thing business owners want to have to deal with when it comes  to their business. You have this great idea or product and all you want to do is focus on that. But unfortunately, without a means of getting your brand out into the big wide world, your growth will stall. I offer social media creation as well as additional marketing material such as flyers, postcards and newsletters. Let‘s talk about what your business needs to propel forward!


Need some stationary designed? Highlight your brand with things such as personalised letterheads or invoices. Or perhaps some easy templates for your presentations, documents, business plan or marketing materials that you can use to create those last minute tasks on your own.

Website Creation

Website creation is now available. I use either Simplero or the WIX platform, depending on your needs. By using these platforms, you will have the ability to  update your site independently after the initial setup, or keep me on as a website manager. Please reach out for further information.


Need help but your task isn’t listed? Please reach out to discuss!


Please contact me directly to discuss prices for design work. I can then provide a quote based on the services you require.

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