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"For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned"
- Benjamin Franklin

Administrative Support

To most people, data entry is incredibly boring. But not to me! Need your data base updated or a spreadsheet created? I’m right here!

Website Maintenance

Already have a website but need to make updates? Depending on the platform used, I can help! Send me what you need added, edited or removed and let‘s keep your details current.


Need some help creating order in your business? I love putting systems in place that allow you to keep your business, and life, running smoothly. Does your computer screen have a sea of documents covering the screen? Does everything sit in your Downloads folder? Let‘s get you organised so you can find what you want, when you need it. There are also a variety of different online tools that I can set up and put in place in conjuction with your diary to help manage your to-do list and ideas.

Social Media Scheduling

So, you‘ve got the content, but not the time to sit and organise your socials. Does it feel like just another chore that you don’t have time for? Let me help! I can plan and schedule your content in advance to ensure a consistent online presence across your platforms.

Pricing Packages


Lock in a set number of hours each month for ongoing work or updates. This is guaranteed time in my diary and can be used for any virtual assistant task (excludes design services).

5 Hours Per Month


10 Hours Per Month


15 Hours Per Month



Only need small tasks done? Purchase my time on an as-needed basis. Please note, this is subject to my availability.

1 Hour


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